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A Sense Of Place Is an album of instrumentals inspired by sun, sea and smooth jazz

A SENSE OF PLACE is an album of instrumental tracks inspired by sun, sea and smooth jazz. Dedicated to some of my favourite holiday destinations and sun-kisssed spots, it’s my first attempt at writing a whole LP’s worth of tunes and playing as many of the parts myself. To hear a short sample of each track click below ...

Here are the tracks on the album A Sense of Place

Many thanks to my producer, Gareth James! All but one of the tracks were recorded at SoundARC Studios in Shefford, England with Gareth also programming in all the drums and percussion, while I grappled with playing guitar, bass and keyboards.

The track Es Cana features some fabulous lead guitar solos and rhythm parts by Ian Irdeale who also produced the track for me at his studio.

Thanks also to Mike and Mark at graphic design agency, Nomad Graphique for the splendid cover artwork. The scene you’ve conjured up here conveys the very vibe I was looking to get to on the record.

Finally, thanks to my family who put up with me writing and rehearsing this material over a protracted period of time, interrupted by all the usual real life stuff.

Thanks for listening ...

Alan Howard, December 2015.

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All tracks written by Alan Howard. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2015.
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